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Adding SAML Service Provider applications in SSP

Version 3.6 enhances the self-service portal experience by introducing a comprehensive list of SAML service provider applications. This improvement aims to elevate the visibility of existing applications and allows the user to directly access them.


New fields added in the admin Applications

To enhance the list' appearance in SSP, a new field (optional) called "logo file" has been introduced. The limitation in size of this field will be 100 kilobytes. The image will be shrink in the backend to desired 2 MB max to be store in the ZK.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 09.38.58.png

Introducing this new field for applications may lead to a conflict with SSP logo uploads. In such instances, any upload action within SSP, whether through the SSP settings page, personalization page or the application setting page, will result in modifying the image in both JSON files (ssp.json and service-provider.json).

Another aspect is that the application that will be displayed in the SSP will be only the SAML applications that have a redirect URL configured.

The Veridium Manager and SSP application that can be configured from Settings->Admin auth it is an exception for this feature. This means that for this in particular it will not show any option to upload the logo and will not be displayed in SSP.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 18.18.22.png

Configurable property for displaying the application list in SSP

To make this feature configurable, a configuration flag is included in the SSP settings. This flag enables the option to display or hide the new header in SSP based on user preferences. By default this field is set on false, that means the new header will be by default not displayed in SSP.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 09.17.22.png

Ultimately, the new header in SSP, designed to showcase application content, will feature the application logo, application name OR friendly name, and redirect link if clicks on the card. The list of application has implemented infinity scroll mechanism in order to not fetch the entire list of application that have also the logo images.


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