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Using PIN age and PIN status in Veridium Manager and SSP

In order to be aware about your expiring or expired pin, there is new feature that show PIN age and status in Veridium Manager and SSP.

There is a new option that you can configure in order to display the pin age in the SSP and Veridium Manager.

Days since the pin becomes about to expire is that option which specifies from which day user should be informed that the pin will become expired.

Example: If the pin has 4 days left until it expires and you set that value to 3 days, the next day, the user will be informed that the pin will expire in 3 days.

  1. If the pin registration date + validity date is before the current date, there is a new status EXPIRED in Veridium Manager and SSP that informs you that your PIN is expired.

  1. If the pin registration date is between the threshold of current date + pin validity days the status EXPIRING is showing.

  1. If there is a pin campaign active, the expiration status will be calculated based on that campaign.

As you can see, the registration date of the pin authenticator is on 15.09.2023. There is a pin change campaign active from 19.09.2023 for a period of 4 days, and that’s the status used in the pin authenticator.

For the pin validity days settings, go to Orchestrator → Methods → Options → Pin validity days

Some examples:

Pin registration time

Current date

Pin validity (days)







18.09 (registration time) + 6 (pin validity) = 24.09

24.09 - 5(days threshold about to expire) = 19.09

Until 19.09 the pin is active because is not inside the 5 days threshold interval.





18.09 (registration time) + 3 (pin validity) = 21.09

21.09 - 5(days threshold about to expire) = 16.09

Starting with 16.09 the pin is expiring because is in the 5 days threshold interval





10.09 (registration time) + 5 (pin validity) = 15.09

The pin expiration date is 15.09 and current date is 18.09. So the pin is expired

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