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Replace certificate for Open Policy Agent (OPA)

  1. Generate a new certificate

    1. Open VeridiumManager and go to Settings - Certificates - Service Credentials and select Others. In the list below, locate OPA and click the Renew button next to it.

    2. Press 'Generate OPA certificate' in the confirmation dialog:

    3. A zip archive containing the new certificate will be downloaded.

  2. Install the new certificate

    1. copy the zip file from your computer to the server where OPA service is installed

      1. CODE
        scp veridiumid@<IP_ADDRESS>:/home/veridiumid
    2. ssh into the server where OPA service is installed:

      1. CODE
        ssh veridiumid@<IP_ADDRESS>
    3. execute the following

      1. CODE
        sudo /opt/veridiumid/opa/bin/ -c /home/veridiumid/ -a admin-FQDN 

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