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In order to perform VeridiumID installation, the following general prerequisites are needed :

  • A SSL certificate
    This certificate needs to be public, with the full chain certificate and CA / Root CA publicly trusted. Installation wizard can handle certificate and private key in PEM or PKCK / PFX format being password protected. For more details, refer to SSL Certificates and content

  • An Identity store where from which users information can be retrieved. This Identity store is usually a LDAP v3 or Active Directory LDAP. Access credentials with full read access are required.

  • A SMTP server and related credentials to send administration emails

If no SSL certificate is provided, a self signed certificate can be generated, by running the following command. This will generate a self signed certificate in /home/veridiumid/certs/domain.p12

This domain.p12 will be used in the installation wizzard.

##       -d DOMAIN      -> mandatory argument, the domain name for the certificate (for example:
##       -p PASSWORD    -> mandatory argument, the password that will be used for the generated certificate

/home/veridiumid/ -d DOMAIN -p PASSWORD

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