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Operational processes

Self Service Portal provides overview of user's available authentication methods.
On the left side of the main page user can see details about logged on user's enrolled mobile phone.

  • User can temporally Block/Unblock his phone by pressing "Block device" button.

  • In case user wants to remove mobile phone permanently, use "Remove device" button.

On the right side of the main page user can see details about user's other enrolled authentication methods.

  • User can remove authentication method using "Remove" button.

  • To reset independent PIN, press "Reset" button.

On the Activity tab user should see list of past activities.

On the Enrollment tab user can enroll for new authentication method.

On the User details tab is shown information regarding onboarded user and his status.

  • On the left side are displayed all information stored about user.

  • On the right side a button "Remove Identity" allowing to delete entire user profile, a “Logout” button” and a drop down for selecting desired localization.

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