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Matching Against Legacy Databases

Deciding on the mode of capture

4Finger-ID can capture either in "4 finger" capture mode, or individual "digit" capture mode.

Use as many fingers/thumbs as you can. Match performance using multiple fingers is massively higher performance than for digits in isolation.

If single digits are a requirement, the index and thumb digits generally provide the best results.

Whenever possible choose to capture prints using the standard capture mechanism; capturing all 4 fingers at once. This is the most reliable mode of capture, and provides the best spoof protection. For example, if only the index finger is required, capturing all 4 fingers would still be the preferred mode of capture.

Additional configuration is available to optimise a 4 finger capture to achieve the best quality on particular fingers. See Optimising Capture.

Optimising capture

Often it is not possible to acquire all fingers at high quality in a single shot due to focusing constraints. In use-cases where specific fingers are of importance the following options are available

  • Optimise For Index Capture: The system attempts to maximise quality on the index finger in a single shot.

  • Optimise For All Fingers (Two Shot Capture): The system attempts to maximise quality on all fingers by combining the best quality captures from two shots.

The user is guided to position their hand in a more optimal position relative to the LED.

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