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Configure proxy for Outbound connections

How to configure: go to websecadmin → advanced and edit proxy-config.json, as in below example:

    "proxyHttpPort": 4128,
    "proxyHttpsPort": 4128,
    "proxyHttpsHost": "",
    "proxyHttpHost": "",
    "overwriteDiskConfig": true,
    "nonProxyHttpHosts": "localhost||||",
    "nonProxyHttpsHosts": "localhost||||"

overwriteDiskConfig → please set to true, if you want to have this configuration active for all veridium components (information from will be ignored).

nonProxyHttpHosts → this contains the list of hosts for which traffic will not be sent through proxy server.

External Services that Veridium Server may use

  1. Push Notifications

  2. Fido authenticators metadata

  3. Geolocation database synchronization

  4. Mobile Device commercial data

  5. Map display in Admin Dashboard and SSP frontends

  6. email smtp - optional (depending if email is outside client infrastructure)

  7. twilio - optional, for sending sms-es

How to troubleshooting:

from the webapp server, try the following:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=


If the curl is successfully, below should

In this way, it can be seen what is the issue. Based on the received error, troubleshooting can be done.

Also, you can test network connectivity to proxy, by running:

nc -zv 4128
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