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CA cert present on NTAuth store

On any Windows server (for example RA), Install CA management tools: (Domain admin permissions are required for step 14 )

  1. Start Server manager

  2. Client Manage->Add Roles and Features

  3. Click Next on Welcome screen:

  4. Client Next on Select installation type:

  5. Client Next on Server selection:

  6. Client Next on Select Server roles (don’t add/remove anything).

  7. Select Certification Authority Management Tools and click Next button.

  8. Click “Install” button.

  9. Wait till component is installed and then close window:

  10. Hit Start menu and execute mmc.exe

  11. Go to File menu, option Add/Remove Snap-in…

  12. Select „Enterprise PKI“ on left panel and click „Add“ button. Than click „“ button.

  13. Make a right-click on Enterprise PKI and click “Manage AD containers”.

  14. Go to “NTAuthCertificates” tab. Verify issuing Ca certificate is present.

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