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Windows RA/EP

The main new feature on RA/EP are:

  • Support of RA/EP inplace update.

  • Support of RA cache DB encryption certificate and DB re-encryption.

RA/EP inplace update

New version can be installed over a old version. When RA/EP config is started the first time, user is prompted if archived configuration will be used. See attached video:

RA Cache encryption

Certificate cache can be newly encrypted by Key Recovery Agent certificate. Steps:

  1. Click on the "Certificate Caching" tab.

  2. The third option is Recovery Agent caching, for this method select “Use certificate caching and encrypt cache using Key Recovery Agent Certificate“. In this case, after the certificate is enrollend.

  3. Select available Certification authority in a selected area.

  4. Press "Create Template" button.

  5. Enter "BopsKRA1" into the marked area. (or any other name, it is just an example..) Click "OK" button.

  6. The button "Publish Template" should be enabled. Select the templated you just created and Click the "Publish Template" button.

  7. Press "OK" buttons on appeared message box.

  8. Now press the button "Enroll Certificate".

9. Cache DB might be re-encrypted using a “Re-Encrypt Dache DB“ button.

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