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VeridiumAD RA/EP Server


Before performing the steps in this guide, install the VeridiumID server following the procedures in VeridiumID Installation guide.

Following installation guide expects following prerequisites:

  1. Microsoft Enterprise Certification Authority (CA) installed and configured in AD domain. CA certificate is trusted by domain computers and Domain Controllers.

  2. CA administrator installed (to allow our RA to communicate with CA) and Domain Enterprise rights (to register new Certificate Templates in a CA).

  3. Server where Veridium RA component will be installed must be joined to same domain where Microsoft CA is installed.

  4. Server where Veridium EP component will be installed must be joined to same domain where client computers are joined.

  5. In case of single domain, Veridium RA and Veridium EP are usually installed on same server. In case when Microsoft CA is installed in different domain than where Client computers are joined, it is recommended to install Veridium RA and Veridium EP to separate servers joined to corresponding domains.

  6. Veridium RA and Veridium EP minimal requirements: Windows Server 2012 R2 or newer.

Both Veridium RA and Veridium EP servers require to have Internet Information Server (IIS) installed, and correct SSL certificate must be bound to https communication.

SSL certificate must meet following requirements:

  1. Contain Subject Alternative Name (SAN) DNS Name with Full Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the server.

  2. Public key length 2048 bits

  3. Enhanced Key Usage contains server authentication

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