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Start installation of VeridiumID Service

  1. Using Putty establised session, ensure you are connected as veridiumid account.

  2. Execute

    sudo su 

  3. Execute command

    systemctl stop ntpd

  4. Execute command

    systemctl start ntpd

  5. Make sure, that time in Veridium host is synchronized. To display time on VM type: date.

  6. For Virtual machine setup, if time on VM is not matching time on host, make sure time synchronization is enabled in your hypervisor.

  7. Execute command exit (To unlog you as root )

  8. Execute command ll.

  9. Directory must show the following:

    1. CODE
      [private key file].key
      [certificate key].pem
    2. OR

    3. CODE
      [certificate key PKCSformat].pfx  

The following chapters show setup in Simple or Advanced mode. Select one of those and continue.

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