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Quick Setup Wizard

  1. You need to agree with the License terms by pressing I agree button.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Make sure quick setup is running.

  4. Enter LDAP Url, Base DN, Username, Password.

  5. Enter Display name attributes and Search by attributes.

  6. Click on Save & Continue.

  7. Click on Groups tab.

  8. Click on Select groups and select group. Members of the group will be allowed to enroll VeridiumID Authentication.

  9. Click on Save & Continue.

  10. Click on Mapping tab.

  11. Enter credentials to the selected area.

  12. Click on Save & Continue.

  13. Click on License tab.

  14. Click on Drop file here or click to browse and navigate to License.

  15. Click on Save & Continue.

  16. Click on Email tab.

  17. Enter credentials in the selected area.

  18. Click on Save & Continue.

  19. Click on SMS tab.

  20. Enter credentials in the selected area.

  21. Click on Save & Continue.

  22. Click on QR code tab.

  23. If you need to download QR click on Download.

  24. Click on Finish. Account is enrolled, Congratulation.

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