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Cassandra Replication settings

Type - The type of the replication strategy. It can be: SIMPLE or NETWORK.


SIMPLE strategy that is recommended for multiple nodes over multiple racks in a single data center.
NETWORK is strategy in which we can store multiple copies of data on different data centers as per need. This is one important reason to use NetworkTopologyStrategy when multiple replica nodes need to be placed on different data centers.

Factors - The factor of the replication - Consist from the name and factor:
The name of the instance where to setup the replication factor. It can be: 1) anything for Simple replication, 2) the name of the datacenter for Network Replication

Name: dc1
Factor: 1

Factor represents a total number of replicas for a keyspace across a Cassandra cluster is referred to as the keyspace's replication factor. A replication factor of one means that there is only one copy of each row in the Cassandra cluster. A replication factor of two means there are two copies of each row, where each copy is on a different node. All replicas are equally important; there is no primary or master replica. Please refer to Cassandra documentation for details


Cassandra keyspace where to create the schema and save the data.


A keyspace is a data container in Cassandra, similar to a database in relational database management systems (RDMBS). A cluster has one keyspace per application, as many as needed, depending on requirements and system usage.

Lucene Index Refresh Interval

Lucense index refresh interval.




Port where Cassandra accepts connections.


TCP port for communicaiton


Address(es) of Cassandra server(s).,,

Hostnames or IPv4 address (one or several) of Cassandra servers. In case of several nodes, ise comma (,) as separator.

Max Num Retrieved Records

Maximum number of records to be retrieved once.


May no of records retrieved per query.

SSL Options
Cassandra client encryption SSL options

Keystore Pwd - Client encryption keystore


Password for keystore

Keystore - Client encryption keystore


Client keystor



Enable/Disable SSL for comunication to Cassandra

Consistency level

Cassandra queries consistency level


Refer to Cassandra documentation for detailed explanation.

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