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Overview - Admin Console


Veridium Manager application is used by administrators and other types of users to operate, configure and audit VeridiumID solution and offers the following capabilities:

  • Initial system setup and basic configuration

  • Enabling access and assign permissions to Veridium Manager application

  • Configuring user onboarding (enrollment process)

  • Orchestrating user authentication

  • Auditing user activity

  • Monitoring resources consumed by the running services

  • Collecting logs & diagnostic information for troubleshooting purposes

  • Application white-labeling and user preferences

  • Advanced configuration: connectors, service credentials, certificates

Veridium Manager is web based application, by default available on following URL:

(for example

To access Veridium Manager you need to have Administrative certificate enrolled. To see how to enroll Administrative certificate, please refer to Manage administrators chapter.

Veridium Manager interface differs based on assigned permissions. Following text refers to Administrator role to see all available items. Refer to “Authentication, Authorization and Audit in Veridium Manager” chapter in this section.

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