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General information


Basic Description

Default/Sample Value

Is IDP Configured

Flag that indicates existence of IdP metadata file in Zookeeper


Websec URL

Veridium core REST API base endpoint.
Basic URL to reach Veridium Sever REST API. General URL is: <https://<DNS> alias of VeridiumID Sevrer>/websec/rest

Delegate Fido Enrollment

Flag that indicates if FIDO keys should be enrolled against a specific relying party or the generic one.

If delegation is set to false, then the enrollment is NOT delegated and the registration process takes place in Self-Service Portal, under generic Veridium FIDO Relying Party.
If delegation is set to true, then the enrollment is delegated to a specific IDP and the registration takes place there.

Updating this value will trigger an automated configuration check. This may affect already-registered FIDO keys, which must be re-enrolled for usage.


Fido Origin

Relying party origins URL
FIDO origin is main URL, where FIDO authentication will take place.

Logo file

Custom logo displayed in Self Service Portal

Custom logout URL

Leave empty for default /saml/logout

Logout URL will redirect URL form Logout button on top right corner.


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