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Basic Description

Default value

App Name Identifier

Server identifier; used when generating client certificates and metrics management

Business Adaptor Dir

Path to business adaptors directory


Enrollment Timeout

Seconds while a complete enrollment must be fulfilled


Enable Generic Integration

Turned on

Max Devices Per Account

Maximum allowed number of devices registered under the same account


Device Recognition

Apply heuristincs to detect returning devices.

Turned off

Replace Device When One Device Per Account

If only one device is allowed per account, when an enroll is tried for a new device the existing device is automatically removed.

Turned off

Allowed Phone Manufacturers

Restrict Veridium system usage to the phone manufacturer list


Port - Port where OPA accepts connections.


Host - Address of OPA server.

FIDO settings

Fido Origin - The Origin use by the VID server when proxy the request to Fido

Fido Alliance Cert - The Fido Alliance cert used for download attestations

Fido URL - The Fido Service Url

FIDO Origin

Session Timeout

Seconds after a session is timeout


Authentication Max Retries

Number of maximum authentication retries, after which the account gets locked by setting its status to REACTIVATE_DEVICE


Max Resend Code

Maximum number of validation code resend operation


Sms Max Attempts

Number of maximum attempts for sms authentication, after which session will be FAILED


Enabled User Enumeration Protection

Flag to enable user enumeration protection. This will make the error message more generic.

Turned on

Client IP Location

This section allows for header settings to be taken into account for user access.

Identity Token Validity

Seconds after an identity token expires


Otp Tolerance Interval

Number of checks up if One-Time Password is invalid


Server License Key

Server license key used to double sign master license + device fingerprint


Data Protection

Keystore Password

Master Key password

Master Key Alias



Enabled - Enable data encryption

Switched on

Key Protection - The place where the master key is stored


Encoded Secret - Encoded secret used


Notifications Enabled

Enable notifications passed in Kafka

Turned on

Push Auth Disabled

Flag which disable the push auth method on demand

Turned off

Statistics Enabled

Enable statistics calculated with Kafka

Turned on

Disable Val1 And Val2

Flag to disable Val1 and Val2 check

Turned off


Deactivation URL - Deactivation link

Mail Template High - Mail template for high severity alert

some mail template high content

Mail Template Low - Mail template for low severity alert

some mail template low content

Mail Template Reactivation - Reactivation email template (due to x failed authentications)

some mail template reactivation

Reactivation URL - Reactivation link after device deactivation



Websec URL - Websec connection URL

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