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Emergency push notification

This new functionality gives the admin the possibility to send PUSH notifications to all users or filtered users.

In order to benefit entirely from this functionality, users will need to use Veridium Mobile App version 3.4 or newer.

For users with mobile application versions below 3.4 the functionality will trigger (at most) a message in the notification bar, but with no actionable steps.

Functional documentation

To access this section go to Settings → Messaging → Emergency notifications.

The first section presented to the user contains the list of past emergency notifications, sorted by Title, Message, Date, Complete Status, Number of identities and devices for delivery. Sender account and eventual filters used are displayed in a pop-up triggered by Actions eye button.

To configure a new emergency notification, access the right-side link. In this edit window, title and text (max 1024 chars) are mandatory. Filtering is available for identities, using the same mechanism as in identity search.

Double check the notification content and filter and then press “Send notification” to deliver the message to the mobile devices found under the accounts targeted.

If a notification is send to large batches of users, allow a couple of minutes for it to be processed and delivered (processing varies between 2000 and 8000 pushes per minute, but it is also highly dependent on server hardware). Follow its status in the “Complete” column in the notification list.

Triggered notifications will appear in Audit log as “sendEmergencyNotifications” for “All” and generic filtered targets (when the Search field is used) , and as “sendEmergencyNotificationsAdvanced” when advanced filtering is used (name, email, phone, upn fields).

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