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Create a new journey

  1. In Veridium Manager, click Orchestrator on top navigation. The list of existing journeys will be displayed.

  2. Click Add Journey on the right-side menu.

  3. Start by drag and dropping a Start state from the palette into the canvas.

  4. Drag and drop Challenge states and configure them on the right-side element inspector.

  5. A state can have input and output ports, located on the top and bottom side of the state. Link two states together by dragging a source output port to an input destination port.

  6. Configure the transition on the right-side element inspector by combining multiple Boolean condition sets. If none of the predefined conditions apply, define a new custom condition by clicking define new custom condition link below the form.

  7. The Authenticated and Failed states mark the final states of a journey. Drag and drop final states to the canvas and make sure to cover all the possible scenarios and make the journey deterministic.

  8. Click the Save button on the top-right to commit the changes.

  9. Edit the journey’s properties in the configuration pane that contains the name, description and status displayed on the top-left side.

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