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Configure proxy for Outbound connections

How to configure: go to websecadmin → advanced and edit proxy-config.json, as in below example:

    "proxyHttpPort": 4128,
    "proxyHttpsPort": 4128,
    "proxyHttpsHost": "",
    "proxyHttpHost": "",
    "overwriteDiskConfig": true,
    "nonProxyHttpHosts": "localhost||||",
    "nonProxyHttpsHosts": "localhost||||"

overwriteDiskConfig → please set to true, if you want to have this configuration active for all veridium components (information from will be ignored).

nonProxyHttpHosts → this contains the list of hosts for which traffic will not be sent through proxy server.

How to troubleshooting:

from the webapp server, try the following:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=


In this way, it can be seen what is the issue. Based on the received error, troubleshooting can be done.

Also, you can test network connectivity to proxy, by running:

nc -zv 4128
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