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Conditions are Boolean logical expressions used to decide the paths between states during a journey or selector execution.
Example of the Condition verifying if mobile phone is currently in the country of residence:

Conditions are usually used to decide how the journey transitions between multiple paths. Since the execution engine requires that exactly one transition needs to evaluate to true in any state with any input, each transition needs to evaluate the same set of context parameters. Given the example above, we will probably need a complementary transition that requires the negated condition. So create a new condition called not_is_phone_in_the_country_of_residence with the following content

not is_phone_in_the_country_of_residence

Usefull conditions

condition name



Always evaluates to true


Always evaluates to false


UBA motion score has a low score. The threshold can be configured inside. UBA scores are between 0 and 1, by default scores grater than 0.5 considered successful passes.


UBA context score has a high value (high risk score). values are [0, Infinity). By default a score greater than 5 is considered risky.


Validates if the initiating service has the specified name.


Checks if the mobile location is enabled


check if the authenticating user is part of a AD group

input.identity.groups[_] == "MFA-UBA"


User responded with a valid answer for the current challenge


User responded with an invalid answer for the current challenge


The authentication was initiated from the internal network

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