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Release 3.2.2


  • Fido attestation validators now have up to date support for Apple Mac TouchID, Windows Hello (TPM attestation) and Android SafetyNet Authenticator.

  • Localization json has been updated to include latest strings introduced in user flows

  • UBA has 2 new context failure cases: outside_working_hours & missing_information. Also Device Trusted info is send as an additional field in UbaServiceContext

  • Bug fixes in the enrolment by invitation dashboard GUI and notification email

  • Bug fixes and improvements in Windows Credential Provider, related to translations, connectivity and user behavior

  • Timeout sessions are no longer saved in history table to improve size and operational efficiency

New Features and Improvements :

 V3.2.2 changes have impacted all functional areas:   


VeridiumID Server & Admin Dashboard

UTC timezone is now used everywhere in enrolment code flows to avoid confusion

Additional UBA context failure cases have been added: outside_working_hours and missing_information

Additional UBA field has been added: Device Trusted information, based on a similar cookie mechanism like the long-lived Shibboleth cookie

Localization strings have been improved to cover more of the new strings added in the latest versions

FIDO attestation has been updated to support latest valid special authenticators: Apple TouchID, Windows Hello with specific TPM vendors (Lenovo) and Android SafetyNet Authenticator

Windows Components

Switching between environments does not require the removal of the cached device certificate anymore

Connection retry mechanism has been optimized to prevent flooding the server with requests

In unlock scenario the user will not end up on the screen with the list of authentication methods, but on QR code instead.

Bug Fixes:

V3.2.2 bug fixes have impacted all functional areas:  


Veridium Server & Dashboard & SSP

Fixed server error when trying to create enrolment codes with maximum Day validity value

Fixed bug that caused code not to be sent to the user for high Day validity value

Fixed a GUI bug that caused the Generate enrollment code window to close when clicked outside its boundaries

Fixed a bug that allowed enrolment code generation with no validity period set

Fixed a bug in enrolment code validity settings that caused 1 day to be calculated as 7 days

Windows Components

Fixed an issue that caused long i18n.json files to be truncated when downloaded by Credential Provider (increased buffer size)

Fixed an issue that prevented local accounts from changing the password

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